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The Guardian sent him on a weekend course in film making and apparently he's a quick learner. Abubakar GumiA. Who are similar persons to Salam Pax? He knew nothing about the sense of dread felt by Salam's readers when the blogger lost his Internet access for several weeks during the height of the conflict. There are no waving masses of people welcoming the Americans nor are they surrendering by the thousands. When did Salam Pax retire?

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Salam is modest about what he has written, but furious, too, with those who doubted his authenticity.

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Mysterious Iraqi blogger identified as war interpreter

When did Salam Pax retire? Maybe he was made by the same company that made foldy? Pages of website addresses and computer commands are tacked to the wall above his screen. Where was Salam Pax born? Few were writing in English from the Arab world, and those that did wrote in heavily religious overtones. While the world's leading newspapers and television networks poured millions of dollars into their coverage of the war in Iraq, it was the internet musings of a witty young Iraqi living in a two-storey house in a Baghdad suburb that scooped them all to deliver the most compelling description of life during the war.

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Does that mean we can stop being cynical about him now? A not-to-be-missed Salam Pax update from the reporter for whom he anonymously translated, Peter Maass. The telephones and the internet haven't worked here since the collapse of the regime, so the Iraqis never had a chance to read the diaries of the Baghdad Blogger. If notyou're running seriously short on original or witty material. If you have current knowledge about Salam Pax's net worth, please feel free to share the information below.

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