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All are expected to care about the leather community and its history. New York City, U. This is the fine line between consensual sex play and assault. In the beginning, we raised money for AIDS awareness and advocacy. According to him, the bar has changed drastically since the 90s. Still, the community was coming under fire from within as well.

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Los Angeles Leather, and numerous events and bars.

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35 DOs and DON'Ts of a Gay Leather Bar

The kinky community does not condone assault and never will. Underground spaces are no longer underground. This is completely inaccurate, said Trafelet, but it is hard to get younger men interested. A coat check is better, and regardless what you do, you should keep your valuables phone, wallet, keys on your person, but there are ways to have fun sans-check. This is key in the leather community because when newbies join the scene they are often confused or unsure as to how to get involved. They are not places where you can be racist.

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This is because the bars catered to and were built by guys into the scene; men looking to be in an all-male space to be queer men. Behind the bar is a wood fence that leads to a set of port-a-potties that reek under the unforgiving Los Angeles sun on any given Sunday in July. Just all these different things, these different ways to express your sexuality and that pretty much hooked me. In the room downstairs, a strobe flashed over mounds of muscle and harnesses. Give them your patronage.

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