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Yvonne baulks but Wilma insists she accepts her on her terms. Through Micky, Bryce meets Millie and the two are attracted to each other. Saxon finally accuses AJ of sabotaging their relationship, as he does with everyone. But Jake plays it down; it's no big deal and Micky's feelings are more important to him. No click-bait titles, or incorrectly applied flairs meant to generate views. Jake agrees to hold off coming out, much to Wilma's ire — Micky has no right to stop Jake from doing what he wants to do! Privately, Micky is struggling with his sexuality and a chance encounter in a stairwell with a stranger AJ leads to sex.

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But Jake plays it down; it's no big deal and Micky's feelings are more important to him.

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The Marylebone Hotel

Retrieved 15 December The bashing also makes Micky put things into perspective - he loves Jake and wants to do the right thing by him. Saxon reveals he too had problem with the drug and won't go near it now, or associate with anyone who does. It's only when Micky and Jake both break down in counselling and talk about their fears that they start to heal. The list can be found posted under the rules section and in the wiki. No political clips or posts pushing a personal agenda. Retrieved 9 January

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After seeing all the problems Dan's closeted status has caused, Jake decides to come out to his family - but Micky freaks out, believing it's too close to home; that he'll end up being outed as well. Ritchie perseveres and the two grow closer. This is not a politics discussion subreddit. Jake realises Micky is also going to come out to his family as well and they seal the momentous decision with a kiss. Meanwhile, Wilma is emotionally torn after getting a voicemail message from her father, having not spoken to either of her parents in over ten years. Phil asks Yvonne if God would value his love for Norm any less than her love for her recently deceased husband — and Yvonne has to admit God probably wouldn't. Despite the debacle, Jake decides to stay in the city with the support of caustic drag queen, new friend and flatmate, Wilma Bumhurt.

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