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S In Elevator Others have blamed androgynous women in the Thai pop culture for modeling gender-atypical behavior and, in turn, inducing lesbian interests among the adoring young fans. Others have said Thai men like to squeeze other men. In this case, it would be better to go to places that were not specifically 'gay' bars, which typically go for volume rather than high margins. Image Sources: Gay Thai men have perhaps added the key ingredient to the development of a gay identity:

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Following the traditional Thai heterosexual relationship which prescribes monogamy in the women and sexual freedom in the men, gay kings also have a tendency to seek out sexual pleasures outside their relationship with a gay queen.

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Several people on this thread have made some good recommendations about how you might try changing your choices, and the ball's in your court about whether you'll work on that or not. Further up the street, at the narrow entrance to the cluster of gay clubs on Soi 2, there is a sign that warns patrons they cannot enter if they are 20 years of age or under, or if they are wearing flip-flops. Thai Handsomeguy Fuck Thai Cuteguy

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The most important principle to derive from that is there is no superiority of one gender over the other.

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