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If you're trying to impress someone in particular change to whatever they like. I find them sexy and the men who wear them look times better with them on. It's that dual personality where you wonder what lies behind the frames I guess. Never could use contact lenses and glasses are much more fun to wear. I don't think I look particularly good in them, but wouldn't say I look bad.

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This is a fun group!

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It's a fairly important part of you that you shouldn't have to change to suit others. I personally don't care for thick framed glasses. Despite being one of the cheapest people I know, glasses are the one thing I splurged on. I don't think I could wear contacts. For me it's really about how you wear them and if they are a stylish lens that compliments your face.

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I know a few guys who look hot as hell with glasses and others who wear glasses that make them look like slutty-secretaries, in a bad way. I think it would be terrible to think there are peeps out there that would not go for a guy cause he wore Glasses. Intelligence is sexy and glasses suggest intelligence to me. Once you discover vision with contacts, it'll be hard to go back to glasses. TerryJohnston 12 years ago. As to whether other people have glasses, I don't care. The only thing I would really say is that it makes it interesting when you date a guy that also wears glasses.

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