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When I met my husband, second date I asked him about porn and we had a very serious talk about how we both thought it was harmful and unacceptable. Isn't that something to be proud of? I focused my attention on caring for our children, even though I felt as if I were dying inside, questioning my self-worth, my intelligence as well as my existence. Because I've lived it all. My husband does this. Sigh Submitted by Jeff Gland on February 11, - 6:

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Compounding this possible skills deficit your husband may have is the fact that he and you have recently moved to a new town far away from where you both lived.

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To all you married men out there that see nothing wrong with viewing porn, let me tell you how worthless I feel as woman because of it. We had virtually no savings, and I couldn't afford to take the children and raise them on my own. More Like This. Untilpeople i.

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