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Or, you may want to check out the Gay section of a large bookstore. Hold on to the condom as you take it off. Don't watch porn again, it's only a gay thingdon't go on gay websites, and most of all, certainly don't associate with gay people. I think what helps me the most is being able to accept who I am as a person—knowing my goals, my hopes, my feelings about life. Donate now Support youth activists working for reproductive and sexual health and rights. I share my innermost worries and, in turn, get a glimpse of theirs, thus seeing that I am not alone in what I face.

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The incident could still appear in the end of match report and the International Cricket Council and West Indies cricket board could still take action.

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All about being gay

I feel that the topic of safer sex must be broached directly, and if it is truly a good relationship, talking about safer sex will not cause problems. Lesbians are women who are attracted to other women. Anything "graphic or overly detailed" is just giving attention to Satan. Adapted from a brochure from the Campaign to End Homophobia. Do I feel different than the other guys?

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Sign up for Updates. You can keep your love life private, but your sexuality is as much a part of you as your skin. Try not being so gay. Many people are uncomfortable being around lesbians and gay men, and some people hate lesbians and gay men. Do you want to learn more? This is the most important lesson of all.

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