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The pictures didn't excite me all that much, but the letters really got me off. I had been thinking about it for months but the time was never right. He was getting very excited, and just as I started cumming on the ground, I felt the head of his cock swell up, and I took him as far down my throat as I could, and felt him shoot a large load of cum down my throat. I wanted so much to taste his full load, to swallow every drop and suck his balls dry. After exchanging pleasantries I decided that he seemed like an average guy, so I built up the nerve to tell him that I wanted to suck his cock.

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We ended up at his apartment on his waterbed.

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Some guys were very passive, letting me do all the work, while others were more dominant, holding my head in their hands and fucking my mouth with abandon. Just as that thought entered my head he helped me with my decision. We started a conversation, and he said that he, his wife, and young son was stranded in town, and needed money to get home on. He stopped touching himself and put both hands on his hips and put his cock right in front of my mouth. His beautiful fat sexy man cock squirted about four or five big streams of his yummy man cum and I savored and swallowed every drop of it as ordered and sucked and milked harder for more and then licked his pisshole clean to get every creamy drop of his yummy man cum! There was a staircase nearby that we could go under, and so as I got down on my knees, he undid his pants, and pulled out a nice, clean, 10 inch, hard cock, and a big set of hairless balls.

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He was alternately calling me a whore, a slut and a cocksucker and moaning that he was going to shoot a week's worth of cum down my throat. His prick jumped at my touch, and I marvelled at how soft and hot it was. I closed my lips around his prick and slid my tongue around and around his dick head, slowly taking more and more of his cock into my mouth. But once I felt his mouth on my dick, all feeling centered on my cock, and the warm wetness of his lips and tongue. Each load of cum was different as well, but I can't say any was unpleasant.

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