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Danny Adult film is a reference to pornography, and he was never in an adult film. It's Oprah or Bust for Hollywood Dems. His acting was subpar, but he was always beautiful to look at. I remember when he did Testosterone. Now that you know this, will you criticize those Republicans? Stick to reporting; otherwise, label these writings as editorials. So, I'm eager to do it.

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Or the whole preying on underage girls of traditional family values guy Roy Moore that a lot of the Republican Party including Trump rallied around.

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Critics also note that Sabato posed for Playgirl magazine. Presidential Trump changes wives every few years. It was pretty obvious that day that his fans were women and gay man. Juanjo I see Bro-Mo-troll has burrowed down out of sight after being thoroughly biotch slapped on this bit of nonsense. He was never a great actor. And surely nobody is saying he should have won any oscars.

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But, he said, the same cannot be said about Sabato. Danny Adult film is a reference to pornography, and he was never in an adult film. It might not be the level of Meryl Streep, but he has been a working actor for over 25 years. CanadianGuy62 Your efforts to try to downplay his fame as a homo-erotic icon from the 90s is rather pathetic. It makes me wonder what would of happened if it was Obama, we discover, paid off a sex worker to not disclose, admit that he ordered her services? Skip to main content. Julia Brownley D-Westlake Village sinceare saying movie roles in which Sabato simulated sex with a man and appeared nude disqualify him from representing the GOP.

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