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Their onscreen relationship begins with 'School Hard', when Spike, in the midst of trashing the high school and hunting Buffy, is obviously quite excited to see his old hunting partner, Angel. Angel, played by David Boreanaz, is the original Jossverse vampire with a soul. Angelus slaps Spike on the back of the head in pretty much every scene, reinforcing Spike's place as subordinate in the family hierarchy. Collection of poetry-ish things and ficlets I wrote on Livejournal, mostly in Buffy and Angel fandom, back in ish. February 4, 0. November 12, 0. Whom he calls Angelus, not knowing yet that he has gained a soul, a conscience, and a girlfriend who's the Slayer.

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After experiencing "perfect happiness" with Buffy on the night of her seventeenth birthday, he lost his soul to love, forgiveness, and her virginity and reverted back to his former evil self, Angelus.

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Ladies and Gay Men, I Proudly Present to You Spike and Angel, Making Out

November 19, 0. In fact, upon running into Drusilla one night, he makes a specific point of telling her to "take Spike and just go. February 8, 0. From Drusilla's affections to Buffy's, from fighting on the side of good to gaining a soul, Spike, since Day One, has followed in "Daddy's" footsteps. Despite decades as both an amateur and professional nerd, he continues to be completely unprepared for either the zombie apocalypse or the robot uprising.

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Spike is smaller, fair haired and skinned, handsome, in-your-face, boisterous, and Instead, they snark, smack one another around, and in the end always leave the other alive. Somehow, everyone always ends up following him anyway, right to the end. Pensando en el amanecer by delirante Dunloth Fandoms: So I'll let the actors and writers do it. Unfortunately, the curse had a catch. But here's what Angelus says next:.

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