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I still have no desire to own or drive a Miata. Jam Spavlin posts months. Seriously, I've never heard it called a gay car but I have heard it called a girl's car. Oct 10, Threads: I have heard it said that they are the most-raced car in the US, but I've never seen any real stats or anything so I don't know if that's true, but, if the people I know are close to a reasonable sample, I'd believe it Having said that, they have absolutely no power whatsoever, so, while they perform well on technical tracks, they are horrible on tracks with long straights, particularly if those straights are uphill. After all, gay means happy, first and foremost, and ever since the first-generation Miata was launched inno car has been happier than the Miata.

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DennisTheMenace 15, posts months.

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Car Stereotypes

She doesn't 'get' car handling etc, if a car 'looks' good to her it therefore is a good car. The hp four-cylinder engine brings more power than any Miata before it, and shifting the six-speed manual is pure joy. These are not races, but high-performance driving events, or "track days" -- since it's not a race, passing is cooperative -- slower cars let faster cars go by when it's safe As far as actual racing goes, the Spec Miata series are one of the cheapest ways to get into racing unless you count Lemons. Those who know will understand. I knew a couple of guys both married to women and a single girl who all owned Miatas.

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January 8th, at Maybe you can help shed some light on what drives people to purchase this overpriced feminine death trap. D5 Creation Powered by: January 8th, at 9: We hope that you will take a closer and harder look at the driver next time you see a Mazda Miata, or any type of car that we stereotype on this site. Well I love them so if they're gay I better bend over grit my teeth and take it like a man. Car Stereotypes Simplify Theme by:

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