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Surprisingly, on this shit of a site we can find many kinds of users, however they all are horny teen wapanese girls. The online quizzes form the core content of the site, allowing their creators a vast number of questions sometimes as many as five to ascertain the character of the person taking their quiz and generate one of three results to accurately sum up that person. You think you can get out of that, ai-nii-chan? Virtue 3 -- Charity by NyteFlyer Fandoms: They had "storys" that were something around the lines of: Have you ever wondered what gender you attract? Parent tags more general:

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Though, it might actually be accurate, who knows?

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The Love Issue

Despite their outlaw status Sirius is still a fugitive and poverty Lupin was fired from teaching after being outed as a werewolfthey begin to take on a quasi-parental role for the orphaned Harry. The Yuuzhan vong is raging arcoss the universe with destruction and death. Are you a left brain or right brain person? I have exaggerated nothing: Who is your Voltron:

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Bookmarks which have used it as a tag: I will add more questions soon! There are reports that the yuuzhan vong are building a weapon on Ossus, so Luke sends two jedi knights anakin solo and Raynar thul to destory the weapon and bring back any data back they can. I worked hard on this quiz so please take it! Love Thine Enemy by Dextrousleftie Fandoms: These girls are known for writing the most shitty pieces of literature ever seen.

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