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Load More… Follow on Instagram. The south is humid in summer Dec-Feb and normally rains non-stop in winter Jun-Aug. Mobile data — research the international data packages provided by your carrier. The beaches here are very social. Expedia has some of the cheapest package deals we have found with international flights to Brazil. Expect to be surrounded by nature in this adult only guesthouse. Unfortunately in the last week Brazil has had a new President come into power.

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Saunas in Brazil are very popular as they are a place where anonymous sex is possible.

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Gay Brazil

It is situated in Santa Teresa, not too far from Lapa — one of the main places to go for a night out. Do you know of any? This is the oldest gay bar in Rio in Copacabana. The hotel is very near to a small beach which some prefer to Copacabana! Here you have a dancefloor playing a mix of pop and Brazilian music, stage shows, karaoke which people love and a dark room! Busy all days, especially Tue, Wed and weekends.

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However, you should check out:. Make sure you do not miss the restaurant, spa and large outdoor pool! Just make sure you check out TripAdvisor before you book to make sure you are getting a good one! The day after is Ash Wednesday when the parties are over for the most part and you will find the streets of Rio de Janeiro quietly getting back to normal. When we think of Rio, we think of stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, icons like Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and of course, bronzed Brazilian boys! There is not quite as many but it is still worth spending a night out here!

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