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One such moment arrived last year. Home study—which any potential adoptive parents must complete—includes a battery of assessments, such as in-person interviews, financial reports, and home inspections. Earlier this year, when the U. A triplet pregnancy, they were told. So it didn't quite click at first what that meant. A second individual then caused a delay when a report went missing. When the District of Columbia legalized same-sex marriage inthey knew they would marry.

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Legal problems for gay and lesbian parents extend beyond U.

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We want a family. His first full-time job was with the Human Rights Campaign. Interest in the field has long since moved beyond addressing whether same-sex couples can make good parents to the finer-grained questions of how they typically parent. In the winters we'd keep Buster inside the house, and he would howl next to me when I played. She speculates on the emotions involved in their wait. Malloy of the Diocese of Rockford issued a letter in which he called the state's progress toward legalizing same-sex marriage a "deplorable misstep.

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He has noted a particular doggedness that characterizes gay men who achieve parenthood. The American Sociological Association disagrees. It's been kind of shocking to me how much marketing we need to do, and that's not our strong suit. George tries to capture what made an early date for the two memorable, recalling how Lord surprised him by waiting with a flower outside a classroom building. Which in our book makes her one lucky baby. Lord, now a lobbyist with the National Parks Conservation Association, was another small-town product, who also had a childhood dog named Buster.

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